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naresh » hello bharani .. ur posts are good ...i am an engg. 3rd yr student from hyderabad....
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arjun » the instrumental peice features ganesh and kumaresh on violin. truly amazing. it will stirr the soul like we stir tea after adding sugar to it. The sweet taste it leaves will last forever!!!
arjun » bharani , that article on music has left me speechless. it is simply beautiful.There is an instrumental master peice by taufiq qureshi called ADHBUTHA. listen to it. your whole article will come alive
bharani » hey S.K..visited ya tamizh blog..penned my comments there..
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kishan krishnanund » to hold the nations facilities with modern girl.not for bad person.
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Jonathan » Bharani, Could I use your cyclist graphic on some t-shirts I am printing to promote a sponsored cycle ride to raise funds for medical equipment in Albania?
Jonathan » Bharani, Could I use your cyclist graphic on some t-shirts I am printing to promote a sponsored cycle ride to raise funds for medical equipment in Albania?
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bharani » i complete one year of blogging today...posted my first entry on 11th October 2003...
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Prema » If I am not mistaken there is a clause in the declaration that we sign in the application form which states that no part of the course should be recorded nor written.
Bharani » and hey A.M, i watched the webcast of the Hudson Valley celebrations....
Bharani » he was in blore for a isnt He on a Europe tour..He'll be back at the blore ashram next month...we have an advanced course in His presence next month..
A.M. » Hey Bharani. I'm sure your visit to the Ashram was blissful. Jai Gurudev. But isn't Guruji here in the US at the moment? He's on the W.Coast now and will be at the Montreal Ashram in August.
Bharani » will do ravages..
Bharani » wow A.M...thats really so blessed....i was at blore over the weekend to be with ever the visit was joyous..
Ravages » Hi! Can you update your blogroll to point to me at my new address. Please The link is Thanks
Ravages » Hey! Yes. The venue is decided. The Amethyst, at Gopalapuram. Hey SK. Come on man. What's bugging you.
S.K » Because sometimes the virtual persona is more presentable than the real one!
A.M. » Hi Bharani, I stopped by at your Blog thru' Ravi's. The "Jai Gurudev" in your exch with "sat" made me want to say Hello to you.. I was blessed with the opp to be with Guruji on His B'day this year.
Bharani » hi Sajan...
Bharani » why S.K ?
S.K » Bharani, I'll remain incognito in the meet!
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bharani » hope to make it the venue decided yet ?
Ravages » Hi! WIll oyu be coming to the blogger's meet if it is this sunday?
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bharani » hi sat...i have done the advanced always makes me want more ...are u from chennai ?
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sat » this is a very nice blog, hav u done the advance course yet? it makes u want more! jai gurudev
kritika » hii, gr8 blog. n i liked the "Momentary Moments" ... keep up the good work !!!!
Bharani » yep ravages...looked like that....cleared up the mess just
Ravages » Seems like you have tag board spam
bharani » great ravages...and how are u ?
Ravages » Hi, Hows it going?
bharani » hi ravi..welcome aboard...sure, u can link my blog from urs...pleasure's all mine....happy blogging...
Ravi » Hi, Bharani. Came across your site through Ginu's. Like your entries, in particular, the one on momentary moments & gone are the days. Full of angst but positve. Can I add you to my site? Ciao...
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