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June 29, 2004   09:09 PM PDT
What's up Bharani? Where are you?
June 14, 2004   11:37 PM PDT
Hi Bharani....seen AE once and have planned to see it again on Wednesday. Will post my 'observations' on the same thereafter. Do drop in & feel free to rant / rave on the same! Ciao.....:)
June 3, 2004   09:47 PM PDT
Hi. I agree 100% about your comments on enjoying the 'technical' aspects of films, watching them the second time around. I do the same too. Straight off, I recall doing that for The Matrix and other similair films! :)
June 2, 2004   02:10 PM PDT
i guess i just go by the entertainment value....cos for me a movie when watched for the first time must be total fun (pithamagan was an exception though)...atleast it shd not be boring :-)...the subsequent times that i watch it i like to get into the more technical details of it...if the technical details are spectacular enuf, they'd be obvious the first time i watch it too..:-)...somehow nothing was spectacular abt AE...and yeah, the hype was so much that disappointment was in direct proportion to the hype...::))...anyways, i guess there were more positive reviews than negative...but then, opinions always differ...::))..
May 31, 2004   08:12 PM PDT
Hi Bharani. Just as Rs 100/- has different value to different people, ditto with movies. The trick is not to get carried away by too many reviews thereby acquiring preconceived notions & heightened expectation levels.(And as you might have seen, every Tom, Dick & Mary is reviewing AE). Instead, keeping an open mind is the key to enjoying the movie, in the context of what the film-maker is trying to say/portray. I saw half of AE on video(the print was terrible) but I liked what I saw. MR's style is what is clearly evident throught the film and I like it. Better than most films that come out of Kollywood! This is my view, though! :)

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