June 15, 2004   05:31 PM PDT
but thats the thing. u know so intricately what is happening and how much bhang so and so had, all the names etc. which proves that even after criticising it, u watch it. people love to hate! and thats why these serials still appeal.
April 12, 2004   01:37 PM PDT
Rammy, well one man's wisdom is to another man foolishness...::)))...should have heeded your words, i guess..:))
April 7, 2004   09:21 PM PDT
Finally you've seen the light at the end of the tunnel Bharani.. But I wonder why it took so long for you...
April 2, 2004   09:27 AM PST
and i am one of those people who bought the Set Top Box in the first week when the CAS was introduced so that i wudn't miss even a single episode of 'Sanjeevani...so much for my hard-core addiction...lol..:-)
April 2, 2004   09:19 AM PST
::))...yes justme, they are just making fools out of us...and we are like totally INTO it..::))...
April 1, 2004   04:22 PM PST
:-) I know what you mean... I';ve almost completely switched to Star World though that is not intelligent viewing either !

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