March 12, 2004   03:42 AM PST
All bloggers in the pre-blogging period share the same views as you. Just like bachelors talk about marriage before they fall in the trap themselves?!
March 11, 2004   05:58 PM PST
hey firebird..its u...i guessed who this is ::))...i am not good at pushing, i know...u never sent me a post despite requesting so much...lazy bones...::))
March 11, 2004   08:16 AM PST
I was never a Blogger, and probably will not start a Blog in the near future. Not that I hate it, but becoz it takes a lot of patience and innovation to maintain one. Dmchn, your entry really echoes my sentiments on Blogging. good work m8!
March 10, 2004   05:45 PM PST
Well so dmchn is back and he is blogging ...looks like he got conned into doing that !
bharani..u shud be in sales...quite a pusher ur

Anyways dmchn enjoy ur time in india ...before u are back in phirangi land !!

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