Monday, November 24, 2003
An Ode to the Web

I wake up in the morning, to see what the day has.
A smart dress donning, I rush out for the bus.

I watch the sun coming up, and people starting their day.
The bus ride to office is fun, in March, in April, in May.

Strolling slowly to my desk, I boot up my computer.
I open Outlook to check, the mails that I came running after.

Long live good-morning-mails, long live bloggers and blogs.
What would we be without them, not geeks but a bunch of dogs.

I open up my blog to post, others blogs to give my comment.
The blogosphere has revealed to me, for what the Internet was meant.

Then its time to update myself, by scanning the world wide web.
From Times to Rediff to Google, I surf till its time for grub.

I hungrily walk down to the canteen, waking up the rest of the gang.
After the long morning's work, we set out for lunch with a bang.

After an extended lunch and all those talks about recession,
I am back at my desk at two, to start the next chat session.

From London to Vienna, through Chicago to Spain.
We are all well networked, thanks to the web again.

Oops! here comes some work, just when I am busy.
Gotta complete a design doc, oh! suddenly its all so messy.

Phew, after this hard work, I need that deserving break
Here a Ctrl-C, there a Ctrl-V, a break for coffee I take.

Am back at my seat now, entering the final hour of surfing,
And those last minute emails, hey, my bus is already beckoning.

Back into the bus, am by a window seated.
As the bus moves, I watch Chennai getting lighted.

I reach home and hit the sack, because tommorrow, its B2B.
Business To Business...nay, its Back To Browsing for me!

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Yet another leak to be plugged

Seven held for CAT paper leak. Prestige of IIMs rocked.

A very despairing situation indeed. I sympathise with the students who have to take up the test again. Just when they thought that it was all over. Well, on the other hand, there might be students who bombed the test miserably and would love a second opportunity.

I am reminded of my final year elective "Television Engineering". It was the last examination of the 4 year Electronics Engineering course. The question paper was supposedly leaked out a day before the exam. None of us were aware of that. We attempted a rather cool TV Engineering paper and left Chennai with a pleasant disposition to undertake our project work at the ISRO, SHAR. After nearly one month, the authorities woke up to the leak and scheduled a re-test. I can vividly recollect my mind frame when I heard the news. Though it feels very funny now, I remember how flabbergasted and indignant I was. One cannot study TV Engineering twice. And we were very sure that the questions in the re-test would be tougher than the original. We took two days off from our project work at the SHAR, prodded back to Chennai, gloated over the fat TV Engineering book and managed to write something in the exam.

We felt betrayed for three reasons. Firstly, the leak of question paper was not known to us prior to our taking up the exam, and for no fault of ours, we were taking up a re-test. Secondly, the ease of the first paper was gone and here we were sitting and attempting a tougher paper which would probably undergo more stringent correction procedures and subsequently lesser scores than what we deserved. And finally, when we had already celebrated the fact that exams were over for life and were concentrating on our hands-on project at the prestigious ISRO, we were forced to take leave, come back and study the boring subject all over again. I remember doing a very slip shod work preparing for the retest. Am happy those days are over !

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
A Tomato's Trauma

A normal Monday morning. I was in the bus on my way to office. The bus was inching its way through the morning traffic on Old Mahabalipuram road. There are a lot of petty shops and vegetable markets on either sides of the road. At one point, the bus had to pull up for a traffic signal. Seated near a window, I saw a vegetable wholesale shop. A man was loading a crate of red, ripe, fresh tomatoes to the back of his tricycle. With a heave, he hoisted the crate onto the tricycle back seat. As he did so, one tomato catapulted out of the crate due to force of the hoist. This tomato landed on the road, a few feet away from where the man stood. The man tried to come over to the road to pick it up. A car came by and he backed away. The car missed crushing the tomato. I felt relieved. Then again the man tried coming forward to pick up the tomato. After all, the price at which tomatoes sell, every fruit must be precious to him. But this time, a bicycle crossed his path and he had to stop. Someone called for him from behind. He turned. Another bicycle came by crushing the tomato both by its front and rear wheels. The tomato was dead. The man turned just in time to see the rear wheel of a bicycle run over the red vegetable, causing its juice to splash on all four directions. He smiled wryly at the other guy near him and continued loading his tricycle with the next crate. After all, he had tried his best.

I had the feeling of having watched a fatal accident. The victim had been a weak tomato, holding out to the man who had thrown it to the road, hoping that he would come to its rescue. Hope for life had risen and fallen with every attempt that the man made to walk towards it. It has died a sad death. Its fellow tomatoes in the crate were awaiting its return. They would never know what happenned.

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Jumbo Jhunjhut

Yippeee. Am so happy and relieved for the jumbos. The Union Ministry has intervened in a timely manner. I am really so happy for the elephants. Though I am not an animal rights zealot, it sure hurted to see the way the elephants were tortured to take up a forced vacation, when they were quite happy the way they were. The intentions of the state government may or may not have been noble, but when the consequences were noted, immediate steps to review the original decision should have been made. The way the media channels vie with each other to cover such news is all the more disgusting. The sight of the elephant with its foot bleeding is still in my eyes, making them moist. On the other hand, I am also happy for those compliant jumbos which are enjoying a government sponsored vacation in the scenic locales of the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Guess there are two sides to just about everything in life! Sigh.

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Monday, November 17, 2003
Genetic musings

This news comes just when I am reading Robin Cook's Chromosome 6 ! What a co-incidence. Or was I interested in such a news because am reading the book? Anyways, its a real scientific breakthrough to be able to create a virus that can multiply. Though Craig Venter says that creating a human form is far away, he puts it safely that it wont happen in this decade. Does that mean we can create humans by next decade ? Wait, wait...what am I saying ? We can create humans....that sounds very odd. We are the humans, right...ugh....whatever.

Btw, 'Chromosome 6' is a page turner. The events delving deep into micro-biology are woven beautifully. Robin Cook's a natural at taking his readers on a virtual tour through the micro-biological components of the human system.

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Friday, November 14, 2003

In my opinion, turning one's weakness or bad habit to an advantage or strength is smartness. There are so many people in this world who do just that. People who were technically way below average have scaled corporate heights in no time by leveraging their people management skills. Like what I read somewhere, its attitude and not always aptitude that decides your altitude. Here, take this case, where someone's afternoon siesta turned out to be his powernap to work longer hours and subsequently succeed.

Well, I really try hard to keep myself from dozing off in front of my computer after lunch. My catnaps will never turn out to be as short as Al's powernaps. Anyways, I seem to like this concept of powernaps. Wow, the term powernap sounds so stylish, bearing no remote likeness to the crude word 'sleep' which is more an embodiment of lethargy and sluggishness. I bet everybody agrees with me that just after lunch, you feel more snoozy and less productive. Why not have a powernap ? After the hurried quick lunch that we have, we do deserve a powernap ( I am using the word often on purpose!).

These midday breaks are a way of work with many American executives, though things have pretty much changed post-recession. They even have powernap accessories - like bags with built-in pillows! So next time you are at work and you wanna sleep ...oops... I mean take a powernap, get your powernap pillow and hit the sack, but hey, remember, no snoring allowed on powernaps !

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Disposable cameras then, disposable cellular phones now, disposable-what-next ?

A site on Interpersonal Skills Development and the how-to-live-life kinda stuff. A Good read.

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Responsibilties - Wish we cud handle them the Calvin way :-).

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Musical Misgivings

8:25 AM. The hottest FM station in Chennai is playing a song. An Unmistakeable Voice. Its Udit Narayan singing 'Allu Allu' (Movie - 'Bhagavathy'). Unmistakeable, I say is the Tamil pronunciation of this popular Hindi singer. The way Udit stresses, stretches and pauses the Tamil words makes the language sound overly sophisticated and urbane.

Have you heard the song 'Aeroplane Parkudhu' (Movie - 'Paarai') ? The first time I heard the song, I was totally amused and broke into a peel of laughter. Strangely, I did not feel indignant at the way in which the words in the song were being sung. More masterpieces of his attempts (or should I say mis-attempts) at pronouncing Tamil words can be heard in 'Achchacho punnagai' (Movie - 'Shahjahan') and 'Kadhal Pisasae' (Movie - 'Run').

This singer has become an essential part of Kollywood's musical history. While these FM stations play some really unheard-of songs, I cant help but notice that many of those songs have been sung by Udit. And Udit's voice has been a frequent choice for the 'ghaanaa' numbers of the Tamil movies. We all still remember how he shot to fame in Tamil cinema with his inimitable voice in Shankar's, 'Kadhalan', the song, 'Kadhalikkum pennin' and his recent folk number with Kamalhaasan - 'Ye Le Machchi' (Movie - 'Anbe Sivam').

My Udit favorites are in Hindi. 'Gazab kaa hai din' from 'Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak', the movie that heralded the birth of a star Udit Narayan among the others like Aamir and Juhi, is an all time favorite. Other national favorites are 'Pahalaa nashaa' (Movie - 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander'), 'Ghar se nikalate hii' ( I dont remember the movie name), the super catchy number 'Mehndi laga ke rakhna' (Movie - 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge') and the haunting piece 'O Re Chori' (Movie - 'Lagaan').

Well, for a voice as enticing and cute as Udit's, all Tamil mis-pronunciations and hindi-flavoured-accentuations can be endured or if I can say - overlooked. There has been a lot of hoo-haas on his pronunciation and mis-pronunciation of Tamil words. But hell, lets go by the spirit of things, not just the rule. After all music is said to have no languages.

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Sunday, November 09, 2003
No Good..

I watched a disaster yesterday. 'Thirumalai'. Hopeless is the word to describe the movie. All that I ask for is a 3 hours long movie that can be watched without having to look at the time on my watch every half an hour. Am I asking for too much ? Am not even asking for any logic in the movie. But the characters must fit in their roles somewhere, right ? Their characters must be clear atleast to the makers, right ?.

Well, nothing was strong in the movie. The weakest among the weakest was the characterisation of the villain 'Arasu' and the heroine's father (supposedly a media person). And I thought that its this villain's character around which the entire plot has been spun. Vijay was the only saving grace of the movie and Jo hardly had a role in it. The major point is that there's no feeling left in you when you exit the theatre. Zero Conviction. Zero entertainment.

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