Thursday, April 15, 2004
Momentary Moments

Fleeting thoughts, fleeting emotions
Fleeting people, fleeting convictions
Fleeting ideas, fleeting impressions
Fleeting habits, fleeting opinions

Fleeting relations, fleeting appearances
Fleeting places, fleeting circumstances
Fleeting comments, fleeting strifes
Fleeting world, a fleeting life.

Why agonise on what transpired today
Tomorrow does not know what today I say
When a bright new world dawns tomorrow
It ushers in more grace, new joy, fresh sorrow

With change innate in every new instant
The past, the future are hazy and distant
With this very moment that melts into the next
Let my mind surrender to a tranquil rest

What is now will soon be was
So, I'll never lose heart for this will also pass.

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Thursday, April 01, 2004
Malini Iyer - Rocking ?

I watched Malini Iyer on Sahara Entertainment last week. You know what ? I actually liked the episode. And you know why ? Because I am bored with the junk that Ekta Kapoor's K-series soaps are churning out. Apart from the seasonal and festival flavour that these soaps share by way of Holi, Diwali celebrations, Valentine's Day parties, and so on, these soaps also use similar plots most of the time. Here's one instance - I watch Kasautti Zindagi Ki on Star Plus and Kkusum on Sony. In Kkusum, Abhay, under the intoxication of Bhaang expresses his thoughts to Maayee, mistaking her for Kkusum. And in Kasautti, Anuraag does the same thing. He mistakes Aparna for Prerna and rants out to his heart's content. And this re-use of plots, necessitated by the dearth of creativity makes it too conspicuous that they have run out of material to carry the story forward. Now, here are some of those stereotyped techniques used like dictums in K-Series soaps when they run out of ideas to take the story further (which they invariably do) -

1. Kill an important character, thereby trying to paint an illusorily major twist to the story
2. Force in a new character who will be a pivot to the story going forward.
3. Fast forward the story by eight to eighteen years, so that the next generation is available to create some material for the story. And in between these, hide a lot of truths about who the father is, who the mother is, etc so that deciphering all that would give enough time to think about the storyline.

I stopped watching Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chaand and Sanjeevani after not being able to withstand the crap that they were churning out. Well, I don't mind being fooled as long as I don't realise that I am being fooled ! :-)

And that is why Malini Iyer comes as a breath of freshly perfumed air. It has Sridevi's typical over-action and her Madi Saar does not gel with the rest of the scene. She speaks an unnaturally accented mocked up Iyer tamil and is overly decked up for a normal day. But still the attempt is novel and more importantly, there is a new story every week.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Friendly Posts - V

Oh my ! The guest blogging concept has really caught on! I've got an unexpected, pleasant entry for my Friendly Posts Series. I think I should let the post do the talking. Here's the entry from Dmchn -


Blogging..Well this was something that I never really understood as to why people do it and what they gain out of it.. I have been reading blogs for quite a while but I never gave it a serious thought. I always thought its generally done by some jobless people who try to think about innovative ideas to pass time until I started reading blogs of an old friend. The other day I noticed that she has started the concept of friendship blogging. It seemed pretty imaginative so I thought may be I should pen down my thoughts and let her know how my view about blogging has changed after I read her blogs. I used to think blog was Blabbering Log of Nonsense but never thought it can be a means of expressing onself. Sometime back this friend has written a blog on Tomatoes. If I would have read without knowing the author behind it, I would have laughed it away thinking 'Hey whats this crap about Tomatoes and Onions !! Thank God they did not write about Pine Apples and Jack Fruit !(The car would have a torrid time getting over them)' But having known a little about this friend, I realised that she was expressing a thought that came to her mind. It may be silly but nervethless expressing them in meaningful words counts a lot. Each one of us have our own private thoughts and views which we would like to express but sometimes dont do it for lack of avenues to do so. Blogging is a good means of expressing out ourselves. It gives one the added advantage of anonymity. All, in all I do believe that blogging is indeed a serious habit and not as dumb as I thought. Now a days I do read blogs with a different perspective. I realise that behind the write up of each person, there is some thought that they wanted to share or express. This probably is my first and last blog entry (I am one of those guys who likes to share things with only close friends) but I would like to dedicate this small write up to this friend and all her fellow bloggers.

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Thursday, March 04, 2004
Friendly Posts - IV's my little brother's post. Well, as a cute, responsible, affectionate elder sister, I am always an amazing inspiration and endless guidance to you, ain't I Rammy ?? No, don't give me an answer. I know what you'd say. But still you'll have to confess that you dedicate every web project of yours to me, the one and only me, who taught you the basics of HTML. He he he he. (*Major Show-Off*)

Okie guys, here's Rammy and his wonderful post -


It was just the other day when I was watching The Matrix for what could be the 25th time. As I reflected on the movie, I noticed certain interesting revelations I had. The Matrix has some subtle religious inclinations which are worth a mention.

The movie portrays humans as slaves connected by wires to The Matrix. All that a person feels, smells, hears and sees is just make-believe. Electrical signals that go into your brain to give you an illusion of what is happening around. As one of the characters puts it – “It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes”. Interesting insight about the illusionary world a parallel which we refer to as Maya. Hinduism considers the world in which we live as a projection of God and unreal. It is unreal because it hides the Truth and shows us things that lead to our ignorance.

In the third installment of the movie we see an Indian gentleman who goes to great lengths to save his daughter and take her out of The Matrix. It is a risky business, but he goes on with it. Justifying that he says 'what he had to do was what he was doing' as it was karma. Neo asks him, “You believe in karma?” “Karma is a word, a way of saying, ‘What I must do.’” is his reply.

Another “coincidence” is the fact that in the first movie Neo is resurrected after 72 seconds, similar to 72 hrs after which Jesus was resurrected. And religions are not just restricted to Hinduism and Christianity. Zion is a direct reference to the Judean ideal of a spiritual and social utopia. Morpheus also seems to play the role of a Buddhist spiritual guide and Neo could himself be seen as the Buddha, staying within the Matrix to enlighten the unenlightened.The Oracle, who is all perceiving and all knowing, gives an apt advice to Neo when he is asked whether he believes he is the One. She points to a board in her kitchen on which “Know Thyself” is written in Latin. Worthy advice, I must say. Knowing oneself is the most important thing in achieving one’s goal. Back to the first movie, during the training, where Morpheus “fights” Neo. He tells Neo – “You are faster than this. Don’t think you are. Know you are”. The same applies to all of us. Lacking in confidence on our own skills and capabilities, we shy away from achieving great things that we can achieve. All that stops you from taking on the world is the mental roadblock that you have set up for yourself. Run it down, you are faster, stronger and greater than you think you are.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Friendly Posts - III

We've never met till today. We became friends over the telephone. We were working with the same organisation and I was at the Madras office while he was at the Bombay office. Now GBG is at Bangalore with his family. He has a very sweet son called Palash. And he's damn good at penning Hindi Poetries. Now, this goes to prove again what I said before - you never know where and how you make lasting friends. Okie, here's a post from him -


A Sanskrit saying goes - "Athi Sarvasva Varjate". In other words "Anything in excess is always Dangerous". For example, confidence in excess is over-confidence which is dangerous. Expense in excess will lead to no-money situation. Eating in excess is dangerous to health. Thinking deeper, we can apply this thought to every aspect of our life. There is always a Limit for everything. Even Success has also got a Limit. Success in excess can not be handled properly and may lead to immediate down slide. Applying limits doesn't mean giving up progress. If applied with little innovation, limits can be used as check points after completion of each milestone of our goals. This will give us some breathing space and also provide with time for introspection. There is no point achieving everything and not able to enjoy that. Achievement in excess may lead to this kind of situation. A Limit is required here as well. There is no-limit to desire. But there is always a limit to the self. Some lines from Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai's famous poem -


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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Friendly Posts - II

It was about FRIENDS yesterday, the most apt topic to start with when my friends are guest-blogging here. Today's post is from a friend since college. He hasn't mentioned if he wishes to be anonymous or not - and so I use this chance (*wicked grin*) to expose his anonymity. Dear fellow bloggers, put your hands together for today's scape-goat, oops, guest-blogger - HARISH...Harish...harish (*echo effect*)

On a rather serious note - thanks a ton Harish. (*seriously grateful*)


When I was asked to write a blog entry(which apparently is a short for weB LOG entry & I didn’t know about it until recently…), I had to rake my brains trying to come up with a topic. That was the instant when it struck(don’t know from where) me, why not write about “Writing”.

To transform those train of thoughts, travelling at a speed faster than that of light, to words in a manner that it is discernible, involves some processing power, which I feel can be achieved only by the brain (at this point, I am tempted to digress and write about brain..which I think I shall save for later).

How many times has this happened to u? U read a novel/fiction that is gripping…u find out that a movie is made based on the novel …..u watch that movie and come out with a sense of disappointment… This happens to me a lot… When I read something that is presented in words…I create my own sketch of the characters and interpretations of the situations which being different from the one presented by director turns out to be the cause for that disappointment.

The great epics…Ramayana…Rig/Atharvana/Yejur/Sam veda..Leo Tolstoy…. languages used for writing…media….ink…stylus…styles…ideas…morals…..authors….illustrations….presentation…Jeffery Archer...getting lost…Wondering what the hell is going on ? These are some of the thoughts that are currently running through my mind. Believe me, there was a lot more, but this is what I could process quick enough to record.

Thinking about those people who have that gift to wield their pen, I really feel envious. Those are the people who have the capability to think as well as the abilty to present them so beautifully that it instigates/stimulates the Left side Brain of an unimaginative non-thinker like myself. ….How I wish I could be one of those.

Talking about the different styles of writing, I would like to list some of them,
1. Authors of fictions, present a plot in a way it creates visual images in the mind of the reader.
2. (Auto-)Biographers, ability to present the life of a human is descriptive manner
3. Authors of Non-Fictions, this I think is one of the difficult writing, to write about an idea, particularly if it is an obtuse one.

I am sure there are atleast a gazillion more than what I have mentioned…I would really appreciate if the readers can think of more and post it…..i surmise it will be quite educative and interesting……Think about it…

By jove, writing is hard….i thought I could just scribble a few words….but here I seem to be stumbling for words to present an idea…..i would really love to spend more time to present more of my thoughts…but u see, the insurmountable pressure from a friend of mine to e-mail my blog entry to her is the cause for such a short, insipid display…… just kidding…it was me…however…would love if atleast a few of them would continue to think about it and post more on this….

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Monday, March 01, 2004
Friendly Posts - I

Friends are one of life's prized treasures. At school, at work, in the neighborhood, in the train and sometimes right out of the blue we make a good, lasting friend. I stumbled over this brilliant idea of honoring friendship in a super-special, Bharani-ish way. Wondering why am churning out so much on friendship ? Here's the catch - I have invited some of my dearest friends (who obviously are good at writing) to guest-blog for me this week (*stifling a yawn*, yep, you guessed right, I was a bit bored to blog this week and was hunting for some scape goats).

Yippeee....Welcome one and all. Its my pristine pleasure presenting to you, ladies and gentlemen, todays guest-blogger - Srini. *Applause*. And let me not hold back his post any longer. Here it is -


Like many others, I am one of the members of F*R*I*E*N*D*S fan club. While I have tried other sitcoms like Seinfield, Will&Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc., nothing had amused/amazed/impressed me as much as F*R*I*E*N*D*S. When I say that I am talking about someone (me :-)) who does not mind watching any episode of this sitcom any number of times! On many occasions I had wondered as to why am I so hooked onto this particular sitcom than any other one? I was watching this episode 2 days back on ZEE, in which Chandler tries hitting on a girl in Central Perk only to realize that she is Joey's girlfriend. When the rest of the gang (except Joey) make fun of him, he denies first. The next time he sees them he immediately confesses that he has fallen for her.

It struck me then! While they sometimes defer it, all the 6 friends are shamelessly honest with each other, even when they know they have to hurt each other on occasions. They chew their words, they bite their tongue and yet they manage to spell out the thoughts from their conscience. That reminded me of something I read in a college autograph book. This friend of mine (not my classmate) was showing me his autograph book. For the question, "A friend is one…." most of the people had written the usual mushy answers like …..

"Who stays with you during difficult times",
"Someone who loves you for what you are",
"Who comes in when everyone goes out"
etc, etc, etc.,

I was dumbstruck when I saw one of the guys' point of view. He had written "A friend is one with whom you dare to be yourself!". Till this day, I have not read a better note on this subject.

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Monday, February 23, 2004

The headcount of bloggers across the globe is on a relentless rise. Last year, when I hardly knew the reach of the blogosphere, I hit upon and wondered how people divulge so much about themselves on their weblogs, complete with photographs et al. Gradually, I have come to grasp what blogging and the space on cyber-world means to individuals.

To some its true identity, to some its anonymity, to some its deception, to some its recognition, to some its virtual relationships, to some its an outlet of raw thoughts, opinions and criticisms, carefully concealed by the mask of anonymity, to some its an online diary, to some its an opportunity to flaunt their technical skills, to some its an expression of their creative zeal for words, and to the rest, its general time pass.

Whatever be the impelling factor, blogging has its side-effects and most bloggers are way too passionate about blogging. There have been days when I've felt guilty that I haven't blogged the whole of the week. I would tell myself - 'You've been busy. But thats no excuse for not posting an entry or two'.

From what started off as a soft board to pin-up my more significant thoughts, this blog space has become a weakness - an addiction. Blogging has kind of started taking over my system. When I am watching a movie or visiting new places, the mind involuntarily starts framing sentences that would aptly describe the movie or the place in my blog. My mind's already started blogging! Its like another parallel thread thats doing some logging of sorts, of events/opinions as they happen/form, so that wording them would be effortless when I sit to blog.

Holy Heavens, what on earth is this? An obsession ? A craving ? Do I need a break ? So soon ? Are these symptoms of blogsomania or some complaint like that ? Eeeeks!...Do I need help ? And most importantly, do I have company ?

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Friday, February 20, 2004
Losing Spree

I took an auto from office on Wednesday. I had lost my pen in the auto, but since I never needed the pen the next day, I never realised that I had lost it. Yesterday, I walked to the auto-stand to hire an auto again. And the auto-driver who drove me on Wednesday came up to me and said - 'Madam, you left your pen in my auto yesterday. Here it is.'. I felt so grateful to him. I mean, it was just a pen. He had safe-kept it for me and honestly returned it back to me.

I lost the pen again yesterday. Dunno where this time. What has to go, goes anyway, right....?

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Thursday, February 12, 2004
Silence works wonders..

During the days of silence at the ashram, walking to the Visalakshi Mantap every day was a divine experience in itself. The conscious silence made me observe those details in nature that I never would have noticed otherwise. While companionship makes life beautiful, being with the self makes life worthwhile. It sets you free. Free from everything. But still one with everything. I realised that I was not bored when I was with me. Experiences might actually get distorted when put into words, but still....

Crimson orange of the setting sun
Silvery rays of the moonlit sky
Merging to evoke an unseen hue
Lighting up the horizon in magnificent view
Beckoning to me, I sensed
A newly found completeness, a newly found closeness

Never before was dew so enchanting
Sparkling like the diamond off a mother's nose-stud
More precious than any metal the earth has ever seen
Lasting for those few moments
Drowning me in a dawn that I had never before seen
Kindled in me,
A new birth, a new mirth

Twists and turns are not for life alone
Twigs and slender branches in curved shapes
Revelling in them was more than joy
The travelling mind moving along those twines
In and out of those minute turns
The heart felt,
A new association, a renewed appreciation

Rocks and stones on the pathway steps
Paving the way to the temple of love and discovery
Had more than just dust and colour on them
They were full of strength and valour to behold
Through years they had hardened from soft soil
Through the ages, witnessing tales of turmoil
The mind observed,
A new observation, a new acknowledgement

People, innocence, smiles, and sighs
Beauty inherent in every emotion
Deep pain and wound recover to uncover
Joy profound, from depths unfathomable
The soul experienced,
A new realisation, a new discovery

In all that changes and that do not change
In all that happens and that do not happen
In all that can be seen and that cannot be seen
In all that are and that are not

I learnt to see them for what they are now
I learnt to see them not for what they will be
I learnt to see them not for what I want them be
I learnt to see the beauty in them now
In the presence of silence.


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