Thursday, February 12, 2004
Silence works wonders..

During the days of silence at the ashram, walking to the Visalakshi Mantap every day was a divine experience in itself. The conscious silence made me observe those details in nature that I never would have noticed otherwise. While companionship makes life beautiful, being with the self makes life worthwhile. It sets you free. Free from everything. But still one with everything. I realised that I was not bored when I was with me. Experiences might actually get distorted when put into words, but still....

Crimson orange of the setting sun
Silvery rays of the moonlit sky
Merging to evoke an unseen hue
Lighting up the horizon in magnificent view
Beckoning to me, I sensed
A newly found completeness, a newly found closeness

Never before was dew so enchanting
Sparkling like the diamond off a mother's nose-stud
More precious than any metal the earth has ever seen
Lasting for those few moments
Drowning me in a dawn that I had never before seen
Kindled in me,
A new birth, a new mirth

Twists and turns are not for life alone
Twigs and slender branches in curved shapes
Revelling in them was more than joy
The travelling mind moving along those twines
In and out of those minute turns
The heart felt,
A new association, a renewed appreciation

Rocks and stones on the pathway steps
Paving the way to the temple of love and discovery
Had more than just dust and colour on them
They were full of strength and valour to behold
Through years they had hardened from soft soil
Through the ages, witnessing tales of turmoil
The mind observed,
A new observation, a new acknowledgement

People, innocence, smiles, and sighs
Beauty inherent in every emotion
Deep pain and wound recover to uncover
Joy profound, from depths unfathomable
The soul experienced,
A new realisation, a new discovery

In all that changes and that do not change
In all that happens and that do not happen
In all that can be seen and that cannot be seen
In all that are and that are not

I learnt to see them for what they are now
I learnt to see them not for what they will be
I learnt to see them not for what I want them be
I learnt to see the beauty in them now
In the presence of silence.


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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Objective Me

I attempted to evaluate my blog objectively. In effect, it was evaluating the blogger.

My deductions - This blogger raises questions in almost every blog entry of hers. She then tries to answer them herself. Sometimes, she is successful. But most times, she ends up with further questions than answers to her original question. And if its not that, she expects the answers from her readers. And if the answer is not in line what she expects, she brands it as one more perception and doesnt give it a damn after that. If its actually in line what she expects, then she is wildly impressed with that reader. She is kinda off beat but still that typical Chennaite you'd bump into at Panagal Park. She's a dreamer.

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Saturday, February 07, 2004
Moon Talk

I prefer not to read a book while travelling down from office by the bus. So I simply watch the moon as we drive down the dreary Old Mahaps road with the FM blaring away. I love doing that and miss the moon awfully on cloudy days or when it wanes. I love ranting to the moon about simple things like what happenned during the day, what I wish my mother should've made for dinner and other little questions and stuff.

And you know what, of late I have this eerie feeling that the moon's started answering my questions. In some vague way. Aptly, when I am posing the question, the FM RJ would say something that would answer my question. Sometimes its as simple as a 'yes' or 'no'. And sometimes the answer's in the lyrics of the song thats blaring. And sometimes its in the conversation of the two talkative girls behind me thats comes in so timely.

Its coincidence. Yeah. Its my imagination. Yeah. Its silly. Yeah. So what ? I enjoy this crazy relationship and I don't think I'll grow out of it.

So guys, here's your big chance. If there's that special something u'd like to find out from the moon, just let me know. I'll do ya the favor. Hope moonie (ahem, thats the pet name) doesn't mind.

Okay, I haven't cracked up yet...not completely atleast. :-)

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Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Version 2.0

An American geek in Australia has decided to name his new-born son as Version 2.0. Yeah, a '2.0' after the father's name will be the baby's name. Am sure the kid is going to feel awfully embarassed once he grows up. This father has really outdone all fathers of this world. Yep, even our Indian names are better off. Atleast they are just long and aren't crappy like this one.

Check out this crazy link - US father names son 'Version 2.0'. To add to it, he has decided that his grandson would be Version 3.0. Isnt that really really weird ? Is it some kind of stunt for free publicity or is he such a geeky weirdo ?

Names have such a beautiful concept in Indian tradition. Kids are named after traditional Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The names of Gods and Goddesses have certain vibrations that are positive and empowering when pronounced often. So calling out the kids' names in their entireity without using short forms was mandated. So you shouldn't go about calling 'Girish' as 'Giri' as that would change the very meaning of the Sanskrit word 'Girish' which refers to God Shiva - the king of the mountains. 'Giri' stands for mountain, while 'Eesh' refers to king. You wouldn't really want to call some one as 'mountain', right !

Wonder how they'd called Version 2.0 :-)...

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Sunday, February 01, 2004
Must Read...

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Friday, January 30, 2004
Tick, Tick, Tick ...

How is it that days move slowly, but months simply fly past us.

Some days are such a drag that we look up the clock nearly every third minute. But before I even come to realise of it, my payslip pops in, reminding me that the month is over. Thats funny, right ? Our mind has kind of got tuned to this phenomenon, if I can call it that.

I guess, this happens when spending every moment is a big burden or strain on us. But when every moment appears full of pristine pleasure, we start looking forward to the next moment in all eagerness. And its no more killing time, but its enjoying time, celebrating time. In both cases, time is the winner. We just remain with different perceptions.

I suppose we should just let time celebrate us. Period.

Hope my post made some sense.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Would you guys believe me if I told you that I lost my precious Motorola T720 mobile phone on Saturday ? Uh, some co-incidence after the previous post. Anyways, I have no hopes of getting that back. And whoever stole it, hope he finds it useful. I know he will, he has flicked the charging unit as well! :-)

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Thursday, January 22, 2004
Lost And Found

A simple conversation about losing cell phones that ended on a philosophical note.

My dad once lost his mobile instrument when his bike collided head long onto another. The mobile had obviously slipped out of his pocket and he noticeed its loss after he was back home, by when it was late evening. We set out in the dark with no hopes whatsoever of recovering the phone. The instrument would by then be run over by a car or truck or some passer-by must have pocketed it, we thought. But when we reached the spot, we spotted the mobile instantly, the spotting made easy by the the mobile skin which was a bright metallic silver.

On another occasion, my brother left his mobile in the office and returned home. He called one of his friends, Karthik (who was also his roomie) to fetch it from his desk. Karthik checked up the desk to find the phone missing on my brother's desk. My brother had lost it somewhere between office and home. He searched the roads between office and home. It was in vain. He contacted the Admin authorities to report the loss of his mobile. His mobile number was instantly disabled to prevent misuse in the event of the mobile landing in wrong hands. He lost all hope and went out shopping for a new mobile over the long weekend. He had decided on the model to buy and postponed the purchase to Monday evening. When he reached office on Monday morning, his boss questioned him - 'So, I was trying to reach you but you seemed to have switched off your mobile'. My brother replied - 'Oh Praveen, I had misplaced my mobile. Am yet to get a new one'. To my brother's astonishment, Praveen pulled out my brother's mobile instrument from his pocket. Well, between the time Karthik checked for the mobile on my brother's desk and the time my brother left office, Praveen had spotted the mobile lying attended and had taken it for safe keeping.

In both cases, we realised that the hopes of getting the phone back was lost completely. But we were pleasantly surprised. Like I read somewhere, disappointment comes only to those who make an appointment with the future. But why does life have this uncanny way of surprising us when we just dont expect it. Because we would then realise its significance better ?

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Sunday, January 18, 2004
Space Yarn

Space wizards are running through a bad patch, uh.

With the Columbia accident, the MARS mission not quite on expected lines, Spirit Rover missing the best sites on Mars, and abandoning of the most productive Hubble Telescope for safety reasons, its been tough times all the way.

But Bush is upbeat with his new space plan for a return to the Moon and missions to Mars. He's sayin - "We do not know where this journey will end, yet we know this: Human beings are headed into the cosmos."

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Bhogie Woogie...

A beautiful bhogi morning. The bus cruised through, vying with the sun to penetrate through the blanket of smog that had enveloped the city today. It was so beautiful, so poetic, so amazing. Don't ask me what was so amazing about smog, but watching the receding smog, I couldnt help but wonder how such simple things make us so happy, liven our spirit, cheer our mood and make our day. A new dress, a lemon tea, fresh jasmine flowers, a peppy movie song in the morning, a Ravalgaon 'orange' toffee, this blinding fog...these are some of those simple things. Wish life was made only of just these simple things. And nothing else.

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