Thursday, October 27, 2005
Flying Water

This poem is my first attempt at free verse. I don't really understand the sounds of it myself and I think my phrases get pretty cliche in free verse. The line-breaks are pretty instinctive, so no big research there either. Well, whatever it is, I think I am at present more comfortable writing poems with meter, rhyme and rhythm than in free verse. My mind is trained to read, write, think and dream per a rhythm/beat/meter.

I would love to know all your comments on my first poem in free verse. Yup, if you say 'STOP', I am all set !

Flying Water

Tinted clumsy crystal clods soared up
Then battered downwards
To mingle with clear transparent effervescence
Lamps shone brightness of assorted colors
The prismatic globules obediently shone them back
Like precious stones thrown up to the skies
They glistened their moments of glory in space.
Fiery crimson
A vivid blue
Showy orange, then
A greenish hue
Passively donning dazzling shades.
Caressing summits and deeper grounds
Yet leaving behind no trace.
Seated on a wooden bench, I watched
The luminous water sparkle upward
And plummet down.
Kaleidoscopic, I thought.

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Friday, October 21, 2005
Dhalapathi Revisited

A masterpiece from the master moviemaker. Dhalapathi. Amazingly perfect casting. Awesome screenplay. Adequate dialogues. Cohesive sequences. Creatively picturized songs. Sensitive portrayal of subtle emotions. Music that binds the act together without creases. The perfect movie.

I watched a rerun of this movie on KTV yesterday and could not help but 're-admire' this poetry by Manirathnam. The scene where the sound of the goods train turns Srividya and Rajinikanth's heads towards the sound, overlooked by Jaishankar - everything about the scene was so poetic - the temple setting, the way the camera switched focus between the actors, the expression on their faces, the background music interleaved with the sound of the train - naturally poetic. I dont know if it was just me or if Manirathnam meant it to be that way - but at the end of the movie, when all the avenging is over and Arvindswamy and Shobana leave for Madras, the train's whistle sounded like the conch sounded at end of day during a war. And the song where Rajinikanth follows Srividya after he learns that she is his mother - the single jasmine flower that falls from her locked hair, that he picks up. Wow, how did Manirathnam think all that up ?

The character of Surya (Rajinikanth) is based on the mythological character 'Karna' from the Mahabharatha. Uncannily, Surya's step-brother is named Arjun (Arvindswamy) in the movie. Surya is portrayed as one who serves selflessly and who values friendship over everything else - exactly how Karna placed Duryodhana over everyone else. Even after Karna learnt that Kunti was his mother, bound by gratitude and friendship, he refuses to leave Duryodhana.

I wonder how Manirathnam feels when he sits back and watches one of his masterpieces after a few years. Does he find it perfect ? Or would he want to improvise on some scenes ? Or would he be inspired with something for his next venture ? I wish I could ask him all this :-).

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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Jargons Galore

I was reading about the 'sblogsplosion' that hit blogosphere last weekend. Weblog jargon is reaching an all time high. It started with blog as short for weblog, and through blogging, blogosphere and blogger, it has now reached sblog, sblogger, sblogging and sblogsplosion. And hey, dont forget the 'blogomania' that I coined for myself.

Blog vocabulary is turning out to be as intriguing as Rowling's terminology in Harry Potter - the OWLs, NEWTs, Herbology, Divination, Transfiguration, boggart, muggle, quidditch, quaffle, sneakoscope, floo powder, floo network, apparation, occlumency, legilimency, omnioculars - the list is endless. And the whole glossary of magic spells - Lumos, Expecto Patronum, Levicorpus, Stupefy, Expelliarmus, Impedimenta, Silencio, Avada Kedavra - it goes on. Harry Potter was amazingly well-researched. Or should I say well-imagined ?

It is fascinating how the mind easily switches modes and accepts a whole different environment and the associated terminology. Thinking about it makes it so Riddikulus! And when you want to remove all this from your mind and turn it over to something else, just go Deletrius!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
My Second Bloggassary ;-)

I complete two years of blogging today.

I started blogging because I had time to kill and thoughts to fill. Initially, I was obsessed with it – it was like a baby that I had to attend to always. Subsequently, I realized that I had to ‘un-obsess’ myself from the addictive passion that blogging was turning out to be. Gradually, I managed to strike a balance between obsessive blogging and penning my significant thoughts and poetries.

Yes, I saved this space from turning into a dumpster.

I am not a regular at blogging, with really long breaks at times. I will not bore you with weary statistics on my blogging frequency, the number of posts so far or the topics that I’ve largely blogged on. My posts have never overflowed with comments, nor has my blog mail ever reached an impressive high (the spam mail did!), nor has the ‘hits’ counter skyrocketed out of range.

But hey, I made awesome blogmates – amazing few people - who to me, are unseen, unknown, yet connect so well in blogosphere. Thanks. You guys are great. And yes, I have been having a great time all along posting stuff for family and friends to read. And most of all, I think it gives a kind of satisfaction to have held on to something consistently for two years - something which I thought would be a passing enthusiasm.

Wow, it has really lasted two years :-)

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
The Lonely Scarf

The Lonely Scarf

"Don’t you hear me implore – Adopt me?"
Amused at the voice of plea,
I turned to look -
As in my hands, the weathered scarf I took,
It said – “You passed me by without a glance.
Not one of you would give me a chance,
Though I’ve been here all along.
Tell me, is something with me wrong?
Are not all my sewn threads in place?
Don’t you like my embellished satin lace ?
Or the petite red motifs
Of ancient Indian chiefs
That Sarah printed on me?
When she made me,
She was nine;
But now a twenty-nine.
I lived on this very rack,
Twenty years back.
The wheel of fashion spun -
People began to shun
The likes of me; once a rage,
Alas! Were no more in vogue.
But now am back on deal
‘Cause fashion is a wheel.
Having heard my story of gloom,
Young lady, won’t you take me home ?"

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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Serenelight Inc.

Two of my poems have been published in the September Edition of Serenelight Inc.. Click here to view the poems at Serenelight.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005
Along the Path

Life is spent in an inexplicable search for an unknown truth. Along the way, the journey gets so absorbing that one is no longer feverish about the trail or even the destination. When anxiety about the future and regret over the past ceases and a sense of gratitude and fullness about the present moment dawns, the destination is reached.

Along the Path

Bound by myself, fettered by me,
I seek, I strive, to set my soul free.
The restless burning to just ‘be’
Unfurls umpteen paths ahead of me.

A mystic angel along the path helps,
As I take hesitant infant steps.
Never wanting to trace my trail back,
I trust, endure and progress on track.

I falter at times, at times I sway
I persevere to keep distractions at bay.
I want to move on, I know I do,
On this enigmatic quest for truth and virtue.

I know not what instilled faith in me
What made me this vast world see
In a renewed light of amazed awe;
With gratitude to ‘be’, here and now.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005
Grateful Celebration

We have often been blessed with the feeling of total ecstasy, hundred percent enjoyment or complete happiness. It may be borne of some worldly pleasure or a spiritual experience. Irrespective of that, it touches us deep inside, making us feel whole and finally as those tears of joy flow draining us completely; in that moment of total relaxation, it is a sense of gratitude that remains. In essence, this is what I have attempted at in this poem.

Today is Guru Poornima, the day when the heart overwhelms with gratitude towards our masters.

Grateful Celebration

Amidst fireworks, light, colors and gaeity
Moonlight, stars, peace and beauty
When in the ecstasy of fantasy, the mind reels
Do you know how it feels ?

With dewdrops, greenery, mountains and lakes
Waterfalls, waves, snow and flakes
When to love life, love is all it takes
Do you know how it feels ?

In dance, moves, steps and swirls
Togetherness, music, charms and curls
When in the heart of the beloved, your heart twirls
Do you know how it feels ?

In laughter, tears, smiles and sighs
Wedding, rings, vows and ties
When all at once, you are reckless and wise
Do you know how it feels ?

It feels complete, with a radiant glow
The heart feels grateful, words fail to flow
And in wordless praise, you humbly bow
To a higher self that can bless and bestow.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Sci-Fi...let it be...

Why am I not a fan of Science Fiction movies ??

We watched 'War of the Worlds' on Friday. I liked the movie. I found myself appreciating the emotional portrayal of the stars in the movie rather than the technology involved or the alien fabric stuff. Guess am not much of a geek nor am I techno-savvy. Sci-Fi movies don't turn me on the way melodrama or comedy does.

I like fantasy. I enjoy the kinds of Lewis Caroll and JK Rowling and I love reading Crichton and Cook. I love pure fantasy. I enjoy magic. I appreciate impossibilities. I like surrealism. I even believe in spirits. But I don't like any factualism in fantasy. Yeah. Thats my math -> Fantasy + Logic = Sci-Fi. Thats why I can never be a trekkie or a Star Wars fan. That is simply not my cup of tea.

Now, now. I can see the brickbats being flinged at me :-). Am running for cover.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005
Dreams ! Sigh !!

Am I the only one who dreams so much ? No, this is definitely not about day-dreaming. Of late, I have been whelmed by so many dreams when I am deep asleep. I even tried sleeping in the living room instead of the bedroom; and as expected, there was a difference. The dream count went down!

I was wondering if I can get the meaning of this through, but then I have dreams within dreams. Does that sound crazy ? But still, thats what it is. I am sleeping in my dream and am actually visualising the dream of the 'sleeping dream me' ! I don't usually remember all my dreams when I wake up, especially if they are just an extension of the day's happenings or a projection of my thoughts. But some dreams remain so vividly in my mind long after I am awake, giving me this eerie feeling that it did actually happen in some plane.

In theology, the theory is that it is the consciousness that actually creates and sustains the entire creation. And so we are all part of some dream. And thats what makes me feel that the dreams that I have are part of some other world too. And many times I am glad that they are not part of this world.

I have dreams on death. Not mine though. And I wake up in the morning with a clear impression of the dream. And then I would share the dream with my mother to find some inner meaning to it. By the way, my mom and grandmom are ace dream interpreters, though I am their only patron. And they are of the opinion that dreams of death are actually harbingers of some happy event in the near future. Death in dream means good in reality ? Doesn't really make sense to me though.

Any thoughts or similar experiences, any of you there ?

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