Thursday, May 04, 2006
Setting souls on fire...

I chanced to visit the website of renowned singer Bombay Jayashri. The intro had me captivated.

does not music
light a spark
fan a flame
set a soul on fire?

to the silences within
and the sounds
of silences...

Click away for the entire piece.

Here's a line from her profile that had me nodding my head in agreement - "When music seeps into the hearts of rasikas without themselves perceiving it, then it can be said to have served its ethereal purpose". How true! The very purpose of music is the resonance of souls.

Bombay Jayashri is one of the most popular singers of today with several albums to her credit. Her movie numbers are commercial successes. I was listening to her voice in Suttum Vizhi from Ghajini and it had me wondering about how we have loved her voice in Vaseegara, Ondra Renda Aasaigal and Narumugaiye. And her very latest Partha Mudhal from Kamal's latest flick Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu is also amazingly convincing.

But when someone mentions Bombay Jayashri, the song that pops into my head is the melodious Pahi Pahi Jagan Mohanakrishna set in the enchanting Nadanamakriya. It brings back fond memories of childhood times.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006
Glen Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell

It is almost impossible for any photographic lens to capture the towering magnificence. It is altogether impossible to take in the monumental water-carved beauty with two mortal organs - the eyes. It is getting increasingly difficult to word the thoughts about the grandeur of this place - the mind was constantly going blank and thoughtless at the timeless magnificence that we were spectators to. All we could do was gape in awe.

They stretched much beyond the field of view and flaunted intracacies in architecture that daunted us. They seemed to beckon, wanting to pass on some timeless message in silence and at the same time, they seemed to be untouched and unabashed by people and events around them. They seemed to share a gushing relationship with air, water and the space above. They are the beautiful Glen canyons. We were at Lake Powell and visited the Glen, Antelope and Marble Canyons over the weekend. This trip, if anything, was only more momentous than the previous ones - The Grand Canyon and Sedona.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

What makes one feel the divinity in another person ? Everyone is divine, just that in some it is more conscious, so conscious that people who come in contact with them are able to feel the divine presence.

I think you feel the divinity of a person when you feel so at home and comfortable with them. You have never known them before, you have never mingled or socialized with them before, but yet you feel so much at ease and peace with them. You feel they are at the same 'level' as you and they seem to understand you instantly and connect with you very deeply, yet very very effortlessly. And not just you, but everyone around seems to feel exactly the way you feel about this person. Even children.

Then again, you feel comfortable with people with whom you have been around with for a reasonably long period of time. So that means you already recognize the divinity in the other person! Isn't that so ?

It takes divinity to recognize divinity. We feel the presence because we have the presence within us - just like how it takes a magnetic pole to attract another.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Sponsoring Joy..

This moment of pristine joy sponsored by...



Who else!!

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Friday, March 10, 2006
Me and my Mind - a typical act

Me        : Don't think about that.
My mind: You mean 'that' ?
Me        : Yes, 'that'!
My mind: Oh! But do you mean 'this' or 'that'.
Me        : I meant 'that'. Now, shut up, will you ?
My mind: Hmm. You dont want me to think about 'that'. Okay...
Me        : How many times are you going to repeat that and remind me of 'that'.
My mind: No, I am just not thinking of 'that'.
Me        : Please. Please. Please.
My mind: Oh yeah, not at all. I am not thinking about 'that'.
Me        : Get Lost!
My mind: Oh no, what would I be without you. I swear, I wont think about 'that'. Not 'that'.
               Anything else but 'that'. But definitely not 'that'.
Me        : Well, you know what? You can do what you please. I dont mind thinking about 'that'.

Mind falls asleep.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Serenelight Inc has been kind to publish two more of my poems in the March-April Edition of their newsletter. Click here to view the poems at Serenelight.

The newsletter is now published every two months and as always, hosts several interesting articles and writers. And most of all, the entire effort has a generous and meaningful purpose to it. To all at Serenelight - Great job!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Home Sweet Home / Om Sweet Om

I am just back from a 2-week vacation to India! And let me tell you, 2 weeks is never enough for an India trip. And a trip to India is never a vacation! It was crazy, mad, hectic and a blur now! I had been there for the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Art Of Living foundation. It was great!

Its been almost a year since I left Chennai for Phoenix. So when I got there, everyone said you will never be able to drive in India after you have driven in the US. Well, it was certainly not tough to get back on my Honda Activa and do a couple of rounds of Chennai city. I took to my dear ol' two-wheeler like fish to water. It was like I had parked it outside yesterday and got back on it the next day!

Now am back to home to Phoenix. And this is so much fun too.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Of all emotions that man has been destined or blessed to experience, I think 'gratitude' is the most beautiful one. When the heart feels complete and has nothing to crib, grumble or complain about, when satisfaction and contentment brims, and a prayerful feeling towards all that is and was prevails- thats gratitude. It is a prayerful, meditative state in itself. Those moments of gratefulness make up for so many moments of wanting, waiting, worrying and anxiety. It almost makes those worrisome moments of the past worthwhile. It is a wholesome moment in the present.

Everytime we look at the night sky - the moon and the stars and even the occasional blinking lights of an aircraft, we feel so lifted up to the skies. The heart feels featherly light for one quick moment, which then extends to such an infinite time within that quick moment. It feels almost like you have taken in the infinitum of the sky within you - as if for a single moment, the entire space above you fit perfectly into your being.

a quiet bloom
blossoming within
all quirky chatter
now subdued.
an innocent glance
an eternal glimpse
a silent current
in those simple moments,
a lifetime unfolds
and folds within.

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Comfort Zones

The other day we were driving to Payson and seeing all the cacti on the way, a thought passed my mind.

Cacti are such awesome creatures - they can stand heat and cold just the same, they survive when there is water and live out of their reserves when there is none, they are not choosy about the soil they grow on, they grow oblivious to the surrounding flora, and they hang on for long enough to grow hands which grow quite later in their lifetime. Okay, I know I am stretching this cacti thing a bit too much - but it made me think about how we have developed narrow comfort zones to everything in life. And the cacti - they can actually treat triumph and failure just the same. Heard that somewhere before ?

As a rule, man is a fool
When its hot, he wants it cool
When its cold, he wants it hot
Always wanting what is not!

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Friday, February 03, 2006
Maine socha na tha...

Ek din aap yoon humko mil jaayenge
Phool hi phool rahoon mein khil jaayenge
Maine socha na tha...

Ek din zindhagi ithni hogi haseen
Jhoomega aasmaan gayege ye zameen
Maine socha na tha...

Ek din dil ke raahon mein apne liye
Jal utenge mohabat ki itne dhiye
Maine socha na tha...

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