Friday, April 29, 2005
Chandramukhi back again..and am sure all of you who read my blog are bored big time by this statement of mine. I know I just disappear for quite sometime and then make a comeback (if you can call it that). Ok, that apart, a lot has been happening over the past month, but then I'll be writing about Chandramukhi in this post.

Brrrr...I am still shivering after watching that movie. I have never had a penchant for horror movies. And I dint know that this one would be scary either. Had I known, I would have never watched it on full screen. I have always been a sucker for breezy romance and emotional tableaus over horrors and thrillers. So going by my standards, this one was pretty scary. I know many of you would have laughed through the movie. But I have this tendency of getting deeply engrossed with what happens on the big screen and end up laughing and crying with those imaginary characters. Needless to say, during 'Chandramukhi', I ended up hiding my eyes every now and then from "scary" Jo's eyes.

Well, since Chandramukhi, I've been wondering why my mind gets so scared and hallucinates long after the movie is over. I am ordinarily afraid of the dark and no amount of persuasion can make me stay alone after watching a horror movie. I remember my childhood days when I would watch a horror movie with a cushion in front of my face, vieling and unvieling it suitably as and when the 'devil' strikes. And now, even a sudden increase in the hum of the airconditioner scares the hell out of me.

I am not scared of roller coaster rides. I am not scared of cockroaches. I am not scared of brinjal and bitter gourd. I am not scared of my erstwhile Maths teacher. I am not scared of fire and water. But I am dead scared of 'non-existent' spirits. Any help ?

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Two of my poems have been published in the February edition of Serenelight Inc.. Click here to view the poems at Serenelight.

Serenelight.Org is a non-profit organization networking women across the globe. Their support services include New Friends - Assistance for immigrant women, Programs in rural areas, workshops, etc.

And their site hosts this beautiful motto -

May the light we share
With Kindness, Compassion and Care
Brighten our Life's journeys
With Hope ,Love and Serenity

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Cry, my beloved India

"Cry, my beloved India" is a nice article by Francois Gautier. It can be read at -

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Monday, January 10, 2005
Justice Please...

We have grown up hearing the puranas on how evil forces troubled the non-violent, pure, gentle forces - how the asuras troubled the devas. We never imagined that this era would also witness history repeating itself. Do we need a hundred policemen inside a Mutt to arrest a righteous Saadhu ?

It is said in the holy text of Thirupaavai that when Mutt heads are ruffled, the sea will rise in protest. How else would you explain a tsunami which is otherwise unheard of in this part of the globe ?

Truth will prevail. Sathyameva Jayathe.

God bless us all and lead us from ignorance to knowledge.

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Saturday, January 08, 2005
Swades - We, the people

If someone's debut movie gets nominated to the Oscars, turns out to be an IIM case-study, generates rave reviews on being a brilliantly classy entertainer and creates a major impact at the box-office, then how would you expect his second movie to be ? Anything that Ashutosh Gowariker makes is bound to be compared against the standard he has set - the historic Lagaan. And Swades is nowhere near Lagaan.

Swades lacks the magic ingredient that Lagaan had, although the undercurrent is the same in both movies. A goal to be achieved, suppressed societies, a motivating leader, team work and a victorious finale - all this interspersed with minimal romance that does not hinder the flow of the story. Though Swades is not even half as convincing as Lagaan, it was definitely fun.

Swades is about Mohan Bhargav, an NRI NASA Project Manager, who visits India in search of his childhood caretaker - Kaveri Amma. His five-week India stay open up to him all that he hadn't felt about India until then. Witnessing all the struggle, poverty, illiteracy and lack of empowerment that seized the nation, he takes it upon himself to do his might for the village where Kaveri amma stayed. As the first step, he succeeds in bringing electric power to the village. And for the rest of the steps, he has to get back from the USA for good. And whether he gets back to his roots or not is the climax - well you wouldn't call that much of a suspense either. It was an obvious ending.

Shah Rukh is perfectly understated without any of his usual histrionics. Gayathri Joshi does well for a big screen debutant. AR Rehman's music is awesome. Udit, Rehman and Hariharan's vocals are amazing.

Still Swades is no Lagaan because of its weak storyline. Swades - we the people are kind of disappointed.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005
Happy New Year

May you always have enough of whatever touches your world with love, your life with beauty and your heart with deepest joy. Happy New Year Folks.

Though the new year was preluded with nature's angry tidal waves, I guess we should look at it as nature's gentle instruction to humankind to mend its destructive ways. It is also an opportunity to serve the affected people, thereby upholding the fact that human values have not yet perished.

It has been highlighted that, though the tsunami stuck several places, it spared many ancient temples close to the seashore. This goes to show that places of worship are power centers. Man should strive to imbibe more "satva" in his life and indulge in more prayers, meditations, service and the like. This would increase the positive energy all around, compensate for the negativities and elevate human consciousness above such calamities.

Wish you all a fabulous 2005...:-)

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Adverse Advertising

Oh My God ! The kind of ads that catch my eyes these days. They are... well, scary would the right word to describe them. Advertisements need to be effective enough to inscribe the product in the minds of prospective buyers. But I have a feeling that these ads will never make a positive impact whatsoever.

There was one ad that wants to get across this message - "Dress To Kill". And the visual to get this message across is a lady dressed in clothes from this particular shop, and there is this guy who is dead and lying on the stairs with blood all around the place. Is this the only way to get across the message ? Is the message they want to get across right in the first place ? I actually avoid looking in the direction of the hoarding that hosts this gory ad. Its kind of inauspicious to look at, first thing in the morning, when you set out to work.

There is this other ad which potrays creativity at its peak - It says "Thoughts Unzipped" and has the picture of a tonsured head and a zipper that runs through the head, the zipper unzipped to half the distance of the head. Instinctively, I moved my eyes away from the ad. To date, I have not bothered to check what that ad was for.

So whats the big point in making ads aimed at being head-turners, but end up turning heads away in disgust ?

There's more to write, but some other day maybe....

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When the wave forgets that its part of the vast ocean,
When the ray forgets that its part of the mighty sun,
When the toddler forgets that its doting mother cares for him,
When man forgets that he is part of the eternal divine,
... thats when fear arises.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Hello Folks...Am Back...

Was I gone for long ? And how long was that ? An epoch ?

Now I'm back. And back for real.

And thanks a heap to all you guys who kept pinging this page for updates. That was really very flattering and warming. And I wont promise that I'll be more regular hereafter, because I want to blog when I feel more spontaneous hereafter and not just to weave a storm out here with words. I feel easy with thoughts more during a drive than when I sit in front of this computing machine. But yeah, I started this blog partly due to my fancy for the language thats English and partly because I felt I had a mind full of thoughts which I necessarily needed to empty somewhere (something like what Professor Dumbledore does in Harry Potter - download all thoughts to a pensieve for later introspection). If only unloading thoughts to someplace was so easy !

I read quite a few books over the past few months - well, that was not an epoch after all. Lol.

Real good books they are - yeah, 'real' books. Autobiography Of A Yogi by Shri Paramahamsa Yoganandaji, The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle & The Guru Of Joy by Francois Gautier.

I dunno if I really have the right to review these 'scriptures'. I'd never be able to get the right words however spontaneous I try to be about it, still I am going to do it. I will write about the energy valves that these books unplugged in me, the enormous capacity of the mind that so long remained unused that they revealed to me, the amazement and gratitude that they made me feel towards everything around me and most importantly the 'attitude-transformation' that they have bought about in me that makes me LOVE life, love each and every moment of life, yeah, each and every moment of life!

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Sunday, August 01, 2004
Lakshya - Thats the name, atleast..

The trailors were inviting. The dance performances were astounding. The movie was disappointing.

We enjoyed the two songs 'Agar Main Kahoon' and 'Main Aisa Kyon Hoon' immensely. But otherwise the movie is another LOC Kargil with a single Captain though. Preity Zinta's reel life portrayal as Romila Dutta is loosely adapted from Burkha Dutt's real life role as an NDTV reporter. Hrithik as always gives his one hundred percent to everything he does in the movie, so much that sometimes its close to over-acting and is really frustrating. Amitabh Bachchan was wasted. If Farhan intends to convey that Amitabh inspired Hrithik to go for his Lakshya, it nowhere looks like that in the movie. It appeared more like he wanted to reach his Laksya because he was rejected by Romila and later on to avenge the death of his comrades who were gunned down by enemies.

Very very disappointing! Tch Tch!

P.S - This is a post that I had drafted nearly a month and a half back.

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