Saturday, November 01, 2003

Harsh Reality. That was 'Pithamagan'. As I watched the movie, I felt the character was not a figment of Bala's imagination but that all that was screened and enacted were really possible in an undertaker's life. The movie was realistic to the last drop. Initially I felt there was a streak of Howard Roark (Fountainhead) in 'Chiththan', but that was just initially and faded away soon. Amazing performances by Vikram and Surya. A must watch movie.

I usually dont like realism in movies. I usually prefer movies that are hard-core entertainers, impossibly fantastic and outright illogical. For the three hours you spend at the theatre, you should feel humored, entertained and leave with a cheerful heart. Today was different. We left the movie hall with a heavy heart but loved every minute of the movie !

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Goin' to watch 'Pithamagan' today

Am gonna watch Pithamagan at Santham today. I hope therez not much of the violence in it. I dont want nightmares over a weekend. Will update my blog after the movie. Btw, I booked the tickets through the Hutch users movie quota. They charged Rs.11/- per Rs.60/- ticket. The amount seemed pretty large considering that I have booked tickets for 10 of us. So, here we go, a big fully-enthused crowd to watch the Diwali Bonanza - Pithamagan ! Hope am not disappointed, fingers-crossed! :-)

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Friday, October 31, 2003

The better scientists have realised that their research and hypotheses are a speck in the cosmic order. As they delve deeper and closer to solving the mysteries of nature, they see the other side of too - the spiritual side. They may not term it God, but they know its beyond the human.
There is a force that keeps them from knowing more than what they are supposed to know. Mystery is the name of the game !

BTW, came across these words in my daily dosage of Bruderhof's daily digs - "No one on earth has any other way left but—upwards."

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Thursday, October 30, 2003
Extreme Programming Doesn't Hurt :)

Extreme programming devotees say that the methodology helps them deliver code more quickly with fewer bugs.

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Hats Off To Vidyo

Me's very nostalgic about school today. They were the best days of my life to date.

Every day of school was wonderful. I gazed at those plush green trees and colorful flowers in the campus, loved my teachers, enjoyed each working day, looked forward to the next day, expected the holidays, looked forward to school after vacations, loved the smell of new books, enjoyed covering my notebooks with brown sheets, made super-hit stage shows, admired seniors, crawled out of the biology class through the back door, gossiped under the large gulmohar tree (? actually am not sure if that was a Gul :)) where we sat in a big circle and chatted until we were chased out by the watchman, sipped pepsicolas (frozen rasna that comes in slim packets and are very unhygienic!) at the Cozee shop opposite to school, the sports day, the last CandleLights Ceremony at school when we were in tears for what we would start missing soon & the farewell party when we all sang "O Vidyo Alma matter, thy loyal daughters gathered here.." ( I still rememember the entire song!).

That was school...that can only be school. While riding the bus down to work today, I saw a Vidyodayan on the road in the trademark cream 'n' green school mind was flooded with memories which I will always cherish.

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Reminded of this song...

    Nirpadhuve nadappadhuve parappadhuve
    NeengaL ellam soppanam thaano
    Pala thotRa mayakkangaLo
    KaRpadhuve ketpadhuve karudhuvadhe
    NeengaL ellam ardhamaiyaigaLo
    ummuL aazhndha poruLillaiyo
    Naanum or kanavo
    indha gnaanam Poithaano

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
In the news ..

MIT students listen for free to 3,500 CDs over the school's cable television network. Its a radio kind of funda. The digital songs are broadcasted as analog over cables. Because the copy isn't exact, the licensing hurdles are lower. Users can listen to, but not store, the music. Brainchild of Winstein and Mandel of MIT, this is one of the better ideas that I've heard in weeks.

Prince Charles Wants to visit the Bombay dabbawallas !! Perhaps he wants to have a look at how these management gurus have achieved their six sigma rating without the paperwork and red-tapism.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
The Abominable Struggle of the Soul

The Abominable Struggle of the Soul

Life, thunderous and turbulent,
Shook by thoughts, intense and vehement,
Moves me on a path, crooked and bent
To just endure this, was I sent ?

Am struggling along the way,
To see some hope, a light, a ray.
Can someone kindly say
How to live each dooming day ?

Is there a solution, off the shelf,
That can better my life, my self ?
Why does the saviour ignore my call ?
Does He quietly smile at my sorrow and fall ?

Who says nothing affects the soul ?
My thoughts and hopes are dark as coal.
Each moment these thoughts go deep in,
The soul feels an abominable pain.

Drudgingly, I pull through each day,
Weary and glum, I traverse my way.
Where is the spark that will light my soul,
To make me cheerful, happy and whole.

Thoughts keep changing, much like the weather,
But the pain leaves a niche,
That the soul will always remember.
The soul will always remember.

Struggles are a part of life they say,
But what is this life which is an incessant struggle !
Every moment in life that I really want to treasure,
Is preluded with a struggle....and that,
Doesnt give me any pleasure.

Nothing comes easy ever,
And fate never favours, never!
But they say God is with us all along.
Is this understanding of mine wrong ?

Dark clouds and storms scare me
Soothing breeze and showers delight me
But blazing storms are what that possess me
When will the calm embrace me ?
When will calm comfort me ?

Is faith just a source of strength,
To tide over the present suffering ?
Is it not a medicine to what
My noble soul is weathering ?

Will God not act when He is prayed to ,
Called upon and surrendered to ?
Do we need to suffer all that we ought to
Until we are redeemed hitherto ?

P.S - I would like to write a more cheerful and optimistic piece. Something tells me that the day is not far when I'll do that. :-)

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Outsourcing, uh?

China wants our jobs, too. First it was manufacturing, and now its software! I dint know China was cheaper than India by a whole 40%. And yeah, the US really knows what to outsource/offshore to India and what to China.

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Monday, October 27, 2003
Travellers' Notes

Cloud of solar gas strikes our planet. Strangely, I felt it was hotter than usual today. Does that have anything to do with this intensified solar activity ?

The Concorde is retired. A step backward ?

The news on the Solar Flare, added with the Concorde story and the AirFrame (Michael Crichton) that I read over the weekend are giving me the creeps. Dunno why but too much of flying stuff or space stuff are not for me. It makes my imagination run wild and I end up having nightmares on free falls and cosmic destruction !

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